Our brand started as a small one woman show in 2006 with a young girl who had an artistic flare and a heartfelt vision of compassion for touching the lives of others!

I had never planned to end up being self-employed. Growing up, my Father was self-employed and I knew well the struggle behind the “glory”.  However, after a few years in a more traditional style salon, I found I was unable to conform to the expectations put upon me in that environment. It was a tough walk as I felt much respect and admiration for the women around me yet I still felt I was not the same. I knew I had to carve a path of my own, a place where I could actualize and be free to thrive.

Ultimately arriving at the crossroads of my career there were many questions and hesitations in mind: should I continue on this road; was it even a viable choice; was I really any good; where would I go; what did I have to offer that this world hadn't already seen? What was it that made things appear so differently to me, and how could I express this to the world around me…

It's rather hard to sum up a journey like the one that has led us to such heights! As the founder I can honestly say that I have realized the paths we walk truly shape us. The choices we make form the course of our lives and the things we believe in guide us and give us the strength to carry on. Those whom we meet along the way inevitably touch us!

This brand was born of love, sweat, a few tears, a whole lot of perseverance, strong principles, conviction, and sacrifice. It has been formed by all who have been a part of its story and journey and it continues to grow each day! We are not just a salon, but a celebration of individuality and the old school ways. A mentality that can't be questioned, no school like the old school! We were created through hard times, judgment, a lack of acceptance. Surviving on a vibrant hope and the constant call to rise above that kept us moving onward to the next step!

Every one of our staff members has a story of their own, experiences, personal challenges and hardships they’ve overcome that have bred the same strong principles and heart into who they are today. Leading them to be a part of our great name and amazing journey. I am extremely proud and honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with these amazing artists every day!

In the spirit that all the very best things are saved for last I want to mention the importance of YOU, our clients! Over the years we have had the pleasure and privilege of serving many great individuals within our community. We see all walks of life come through our door, and each walk has its own purpose and beauty. To us YOU are the “why”, the real reason we are here. We are moved every day to hear the stories we do, to learn from each of you, to connect.  You have offered up a huge source of unconditional support, inspiration, and encouragement- the fuel that keeps us going! Thanks to every single one of you, all of our professionals wake up every morning knowing that today they get to go to work and create, to connect, and to positively impact the lives of those around them. To know that our day’s purpose is to make another human being smile is the very best thing in the entire world!!! That is the most rewarding part of our journey! One smile is like a huge ripple that flows out into the world around it, touching everyone with its contagious joy and comfort! No matter what our differences are.  Regardless of what others in our industry preach, this is truly what it's all about!

We are strong, kind and simple. It’s true, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! We won't stop because you can't kill a passion like the one we have! So, with the utmost sincerity and much, much thanks to all who had the heart and courage to stand by and support us as we've come up, we say God bless and Thank you. We're here now baby!!

Sincerely, Amberle Donaldson owner/founder


Our mission is to empower the expression of others, inspire the lives around us, and to make YOU smile. Beauty is a work of art and knowledge is a strong foundation! We believe that everyone is created with a unique individuality and that expressing one's self is a beautiful thing.

Our goal is to provide an amazing salon experience for every client on any budget and timeline!