Head to toe silky smooth! At GNH we offer a variety of hair removal services, everything from waxing and threading to sugaring! All our hair removal services are provided by certified professionals. We also offer personalized packages. Please phone or email to inquire!


At GNH all our services are provided by certified/licensed professionals, and our service menu is constantly growing and changing!! This is in part from our mentality of continued commitment to furthering our levels of knowledge, education, skill, and professional standards. Although our brand was founded on the basics of nail services and esthetics, we have advanced over the years to include pretty well any salon service you can imagine. Please ask your GNH PRO about services that may not appear on our website and about recommended aftercare products as the product lines we carry are specifically designed to enhance the services we offer! If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any further inquiries, please contact us via email or phone at glassnails@shaw.ca or 1.403.328.3006