It's all in the details. Our eyelash services are renowned! As eyelashes are one of the most delicate and intricate body parts we work with, we have a great deal of appreciation for the time and care that goes into a service like this one. We can create virtually any look desired - from a natural enhancement to over the top theatrical while sustaining the health and integrity of your natural lashes. When dealing with eyelash enhancements specifically, there is a lot to know. Many people share the common misconception that they are thick, heavy and damaging to the natural lash and can only be applied to appear as though they are extremely long and excessive. This couldn't be further from the truth. Some lash enhancements are so natural in appearance others may not even be able to tell that they are there. As well did you know that lash enhancements are perfect for those with sensitive eyes? Yes, it's true! For those who cannot wear makeup around their eyes, this service allows for the appearance of a glamourous eye without all the makeup products and it only requires maintenance once a month as opposed to every day. Our lash perm and tint services are another perfect pick me up for the girl who likes to look naturally beautiful. We can customize the look that's right for you and your life style so go ahead and bat those beautiful eyes. We dare you!

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At GNH all our services are provided by certified/licensed professionals, and our service menu is constantly growing and changing!! This is in part from our mentality of continued commitment to furthering our levels of knowledge, education, skill, and professional standards. Although our brand was founded on the basics of nail services and esthetics, we have advanced over the years to include pretty well any salon service you can imagine. Please ask your GNH PRO about services that may not appear on our website and about recommended aftercare products as the product lines we carry are specifically designed to enhance the services we offer! If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any further inquiries, please contact us via email or phone at glassnails@shaw.ca or 1.403.328.3006