Camille Finnie Red Seal Hairstylist:

Hello, my name is Camille, I have been a Stylist for 3 years, and became a member of the GNH family in 2014! I specialize in the Goldwell brand, as well as I have extensive experience and Certifications in blonding and hair extensions, among many other skill sets. Makeup Artistry, sugaring and much more. So far I have completed years 1 and 2 of the Goldwell Master Colourist Program and am very excited for my completion in 2017!! As a Stylist, it is my practice to treat each one of my clients as the individuals they are; intending to help showcase each unique personality through custom formulations and cutting edge techniques! I look forward to the challenges each day presents, as every challenge offers the chance for me to improve upon my knowledge and level of skill. I strive each day to be a little better than the one before it. Looking forward to meeting you and helping you to create something amazing! Thank you!

Camille -GNH xo