This service is one of our specialities and is close to the heart for us, as our business was founded on nail enhancements! We offer a wide range of styles and are proud to say that our skill level and knowledge are a superiority to be taken notice of. If you can think it, we'd love to create it! Every nail service provided at GNH comes with a 2 week guarantee,cuticle maintence,and a take home nail file. Book today and join the many who have already found the sheer joy a little pampering and self-expression can offer! Please note that nail enhancement services pertain to the feet as well!


Did you know that esthetic services in Alberta are not yet regulated by our government? This is in part why we have instituted our in-house certification program. Our program is based upon three tiers as per the following description. Please note that service pricing is directly affected by your tech's / PRO's status:

Beginners:   Are newly certified Techs or are in the process of obtaining certification and are only permitted to provide basic nail services under the guidance of a Masters tech/PRO.

Intermediate:  Technicians are required to have certification and to complete an in-house Master Tech written and practical exam for each service offered.

Masters:  Are certified industry educators and hold certifications in the highest levels of nail technology and skills through our in-house program. They also meet or exceed industry standards.


At GNH our service menu is constantly growing!! This is in part from our mentality of continued commitment to furthering our level of knowledge and education standards. Although our brand was founded on the basics of nail services and esthetics, we have advanced over the years to include pretty well any salon service you can imagine. Please ask your GNH PRO about services that may not appear on our website and about recommended aftercare products as the product lines we carry are specifically designed to enhance the services we offer! If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any further inquiries, please contact us via email or phone at glassnails@shaw.ca or 1.403.328.3006